In the digital age, our access to music continues to evolve, but our role as a passive listener remains static.

At VenLabs, we combine professional expertise in the fields of music, gaming and technology to create interactive audio entertainment. Our products offer innovative ways to play with sound and create new modes of expression.

With our work, we aim to advance the expectations and enjoyment of music fans everywhere, empowering the listener to have highly customizable music that bends

to their will.

We also join with other creators to increase user engagement with their products, brands and advertising through compelling use of audio. Our capabilities include the design, development and integration of custom systems to enhance any project.

VenLabs is actively developing for iOS, Android and the web. We have hands-on experience with video game consoles and handhelds, PC platforms, and interactive


VenLabs founder Daniel Lehrich spent the past six years in the games industry, most recently as Creative Director of Activision’s 7 Studios, and formerly as a Sound Designer and Game Designer. He is the creator of Scratch: The Ultimate DJ, a music/rhythm game for Xbox360 & PS3. Lehrich spent over 20 years studying music performance and graduated from the Berklee College of Music with a Bachelor’s degree in Electronic Production & Design.

VenLabs,LLC is based in Venice, California.

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