• Yuga Labs

    Currently exploring new frontiers of gaming, online social worlds, and web3 as Vice President, Game Production at Yuga Labs. Driving alignment between internal creative and technology teams and a group of world-class external partners across a variety of projects. Particular focus as a Production and Product leader on Otherside.
  • Netflix / Boss Fight

    Joined Boss Fight as general General Manager several months before we were acquired by Netflix Gaming. In this role I served as the business unit leader, with Creative, Technical, Product, Art, and Production functions reporting in to me. Prior to Netflix I ran myVegas Bingo, a top-grossing social casino game, including live operations and monetization, product roadmap, and ownership over day-to-day relationship with the publisher. After the Netflix acquisition, I pivoted a team to ideation, concept development, and rapid prototyping for new AAA mobile games based on key Netflix IP.
  • Scopely

    I was the Executive Producer of a not-yet-released F2P mobile game at Scopely. Partnered with the General Manager to steer the project through production, including serving as the main conduit between our internal creative/product and external development teams and driving internal alignment with legal, finance, marketing, and executive teams. Owned project P&L, process, timelines, and all deliverables.
  • Magic Leap

    Served as Vice President, Production at Magic Leap. Oversaw the development of multiple internally produced and partner projects while exploring the creative & technical boundaries in the nascent medium of Mixed Reality for in-home and location-based experiences. Drove workflow & process with Hardware, Software, Biz Dev, Marketing, Legal, Demo teams & others. Notable projects included SXSW Innovation Awards Finalist Undersea, AIAS DICE award-winning Tonandi (in collaboration with Sigur Ros), and unique collaboration with Spotify
  • Disney

    Played a key role in the development and launch of Disney Infinity as Senior Producer of Mobile for the franchise. Collaborated with Creative, Technology, Marketing, Finance, Biz Dev, and Executive Teams to ensure alignment of vision and successful execution.

    Disney Infinity: Toy Box for iPad was the #1 overall app in 47 countries and exceeded all performance targets. The app has been downloaded millions of times and is among Disney's most successful, highest-grossing mobile products.
  • Activision

    Creative Director in the Guitar Hero business unit, overseeing vision, design, and production of multiple projects. Directly managed a group of 10 game & audio designers. Developed new game concepts & prototyped connected experiences across web, console & mobile. Released Guitar Hero VIP Pass digital content store for Xbox360.

    Design leader in the business unit. Participated in high-level creative strategy & product roadmap planning, lead R&D of generative music systems for cinematic games. Presented at internal Activision development summits.
  • WeMash

    I was VP Creative Product at WeMash. Worked closely with the technical team and other stakeholders to conceive & build tools that allow users to create with audio-visual content. This included a complex web portal for both users and admins, a robust content ingest and processing pipeline, and workflow/creative enhancements including a patent-pending plug-in for video editing software. WeMash partnered with premium content owners (film, sports, music, etc.) to activate & monetize UGC creations. Seed funding from a16z and others.
  • Scratch Video Game

    In 2006 I hacked together a few MIDI controllers with Max/MSP and created the first playable version of a game that would become Scratch: The Ultimate DJ. I had no idea what I was in for.

    In a nutshell... I successfully pitched Scratch and got it funded, teamed up with hip-hop legend Quincy Jones III, partnered with Numark/Akai to develop the controller, led an amazing team in the creation of a ground-breaking music game, worked directly with major labels, artists and brands to license and integrate great content, got a bunch of awesome press, got bought out by Activision, got sucked into a corporate kerfuffle that resulted in the game getting shelved...

    Phew. That's all I have to say about that.
  • VenLabs

    I founded VenLabs to provide new methods of expression through interactive audio. Our first app, DimSong, transforms the arrangement of music in real-time in response to movement, touch or light. I designed and prototyped the concept, then assembled a small team for development. I also managed the business and music licensing.

    DimSong was a finalist in the 2012 SXSW Music Accelerator. It included music from AWOLNATION, RJD2, and many others.
  • Moovila

    I co-founded the project management software startup Moovila (formerly TaskTribe). I worked across all areas of the company - product strategy and roadmap, UX and software design, market research and product/market fit, management & operations, etc. Built responsive mobile/web user interface in HTML/JS/CSS with creative director and back-end engineer.
  • Scopely (early days)

    In the early days of iPhone gaming, I collaborated with Scopely on several apps, contributing original music and sound effects. Bubble Galaxy with Buddies was the #1 overall app at launch, and Jewels with Buddies reached #5 in the charts.

    Scopely is a a rapidly growing mobile gaming company trailblazing a new publisher model. In just three years, Scopely has more than quadrupled in size and launched an unprecedented six consecutive Top-5 games in the App Store.
  • Game Audio

    I started my career as a Sound Designer & Audio Director for video games. Founded and grew the audio department at 7 Studios and oversaw the creation and implementation of sound effects, music and VO across multiple titles and platforms. I wrangled schedules and budgets, and managed a number of internal employees and vendors.

    I worked on a number of high-profile properties including Sopranos, Napoleon Dynamite, Shrek and Fantastic Four. Shipped titles on PS2, PS3, PSP, Nintendo Wii & DS, Xbox360, and PC.
  • Berklee College of Music

    I graduated magna cum laude from Berklee with a Bachelor's in Music Synthesis in 2004. I studied all aspects of electronic production, sound design, and digital audio, and in the process fell in love with creating interactive experiences.

    As the college's interest in the games industry has grown, I've had the opportunity to return to the college several times as a Visiting Artist. I have given talks on games industry processes and roles, sat in on classes to offer insight and critique of student work, mentored students and reviewed portfolios. I gained a great deal from my time at Berklee, and I really enjoy the opportunity to give back!
  • Interactive & Web

    I've done a lot of interactive development over the years. The most prominent of this work was a series of gallery installations made in collaboration with film-maker Jason Trucco, which premiered at the MOCA Pacific Design Center in Los Angeles and has been exhibited across the United States & Canada. (You can see one of those pieces here).

    Other examples of interactive work include experiments with AR / Computer Vision, iPhone-controlled remixing, Kinect, and this weird remix software I made in college.

    Recently I've been tinkering with front-end web development. I've built a number of Wordpress sites, and have been playing around with HTML5/CSS/JS. Samples include this Spotify music quiz game demo and this playable WebAudio synthesizer.


I'm a veteran leader, with 15+ years of direct experience managing the creative, technical, and business factors involved in delivering large-scale projects. I've delivered across a variety of platforms – Augmented Reality, AAA video games, mobile apps, complex web platforms – including 2 $1B+ game franchises and 3 mobile apps ranked top-5 on Apple charts.

I’m a proven leader and an adaptable problem solver. I’ve been the mobilizing force behind numerous ventures from inception and implementation through completion, building and guiding international and distributed teams of up to 100+ people to ensure successful outcomes. Above all, I’m an enthusiastic collaborator who thrives on the creative energy of a tight-knit group working together to build something exceptional.

I’m also a classically trained musician (upright bass, some piano) and media technologist with an interest in music production, controllerism and interactive art. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Music Synthesis from the Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA.